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Joint Replacement & Reconstructive Surgery

We are the first in Sirsa, Haryana to provide the Joint Replacement surgery in Sanjivani Hospital (A Super & Multispeciality Hospital). This is a newly created department to provide tertiary level treatment care facility in the field of orthopaedics and complex trauma reconstructions.


The Department is still evolving and new treatment processes are being institutionalized at frequent intervals. It has already started a full-fledged joint reconstruction service which includes-

  • Primary replacement of knee, hip, shoulder, elbow joints of all types according to patient’s requirements.
  • Hip replacements include cemented, uncemented, hybrids, large head replacements, resurfacing, replacements associated with bone defects or deficiencies in thigh bone or hip socket, replacements in face of severe fractures to name a few.
  • All kinds of knee replacements are done including fixed or mobile bearing knees and partial knee resurfacing.
  • Revision joint replacements are provided in face of failed or loosened primary replacements, infections etc.
  • Those who ask for specialized requests are fulfilled with regards to minimally invasive joint replacements and high flexion knee replacements.
  • Arthroscopic treatment is provided to take care of cartilage and ligament injuries of knee joint. Arthroscopic ligament reconstructions, joint adhesions lysis to increase joints functional range, repair of menisci etc. are some of the treatments available. In the near future shoulder arthroscopic treatment processes, chondroplasties are going to be added.
Besides joint reconstruction other facets of the Department include the following :-
  • Various spine related problems are dealt with, including low back pain surgeries, spine fixations, deformity corrections, fractures of spine, decompression of spinal cord or nerves to facilitate recovery from paralysis, pain. These are done as per contemporary standard spine surgery practices.
    In the near future minimally invasive spine surgeries, disc replacement surgeries etc. will be added.
  • Pelvic and acetabular fracture surgeries are getting institutionalized as complex trauma procedures besides other developments in fracture surgery.
  • Various flap covers to cover wounds open bones are done.
  • Limb length discrepancies associated with trauma or diseases are corrected.
  • Treatment of nerve injuries including grafting, deformities or paralysis associated with nervous system disorders are dealt with.
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